Interview Of The Month: Chris Clark

Dit is een bewerking van een interview dat oorspronkelijk verscheen in RX Muscle Magazine. Dave Palumbo sprak met Chris Clark, de man die Synthol bedacht en daarmee de bodybuilding voorgoed veranderde.

Rx: What is your full name?

CC: My full name is Christopher T. Clark.

Where were you born?

I was born in the city of Kaiserslautern, Germany; a city that is actually pretty well known by many US citizens as K-town because of its many US military bases like Ramstein-Airbase.

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

By coincidence. One night I was out for a few beers in town and I stumbled across a small gym. Drunk as I was, I decided to go to the place next day to sign up. You need to understand, that was in the late 70's and bodybuilders were all fags, so it really took a lot of guts to enter one of these butt-parlours and sign up without risking becoming gay yourself. I mean country-side-Germany in the late 70's was a real trip.

People around me couldn't understand that I kept my girlfriend after joining one of these supposed gay-pick-ups.

Did you compete?

Once. It was an international German championship-- a qualifier for the German's in Munich. I was placed 3rd in the 90-KG class and, then, I was disqualified for some reason. Right from the start I got involved with steroids and by my addictive nature quickly made me a name as someone in the know. That's perhaps the main reason for the disqualification at this contest. After this one gig, I decided not to compete anymore because I was told that, in case of testing, I'd always be positive no matter what. That is how my competitive career ended before it even started.

In the bodybuilding world, you are known as Mr. Synthol.

That nickname was actually given to me by the British bodybuilding-press. I was invited to come over to England by John Citrone, one of the best bodybuilders of the past, the present, and perhaps, despite his age of well above 60, still a threat to all upcoming youngsters. During my stay with Mr. Citrone, a young man interviewed me by the name of Mark Parsons, who published the interview under the headline Mr Synthol Speaks. Thatís how I got this nickname, which became my trademark.

Chris Clark
Where did you get the idea to create Synthol?

When I got notice from Italy that Esiclene - formebolone - was out of production, I started thinking about some replacement. Esiclene was very popular in the 80s for site-enhancement. I actually thought up the idea while sitting on the toilet.

What process did you have to go through to perfect the formulation?

At first, I had to search for the right base product for my idea. Since I was always my own lab rat, I went through some pretty heavy setbacks such as infections in various body parts. At one point, some doctor in Morocco thought the only way to save my life was by amputating my right lower leg.

At this time, I was experimenting with sterilized sesame oil. This is a practise many self-proclaimed supermen still do. Trust me, it's very dangerous. The strange fact about this trial was that I used the stuff only in my calves, but I came down with infections all over my body, including my shoulders.

The most dangerous thing that ever happened to me was coming down with a lung embolism. But this had nothing to do with the product, but only with wrong injection technique.

Exactly what ingredients are used to fabricate Synthol?

There are a thousand and one counterfeit copycat-rats who'd like to know exactly what the hell I really use. You have to understand that I will punk out on this question.

What, in your opinion, is the best way to use Synthol?

Pump N' Pose, at least the product I produce and sell, is not intended for parenteral injection. It is for topical use only. Of course, I am not my brother's keeper, so I cannot know, and really do not want to know, what the customer is doing with whatever product they purchase.

In the case of Synthol, it is advisable to use the product on a three times per week schedule in small amounts up to three cc. After three weeks of this dosing, the frequency of application has to be decreased to a twice a week application.

The most important tip I can give is to use the product over a longer, at least 6-month, period. I say this for some very important reasons. I will outline everything about site-enhancement in my soon-to-be-published book, Site-Location Superhuman.

Are there any health concerns related to your product?

Just as above with my original product, none of the users worldwide experience any kinds of health problems. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for most of the copycats as they contain everything from industrial silicone, to silly fish oils, to whatever some brain surgeon thinks up.

I heard that, a few years ago, you had kidney cancer and needed to have a kidney removed.

No doctor in the world could have connected my disease with my bodybuilding drug abuse. I had been on GH and IGF-1 for three years straight plus all the other crap. The histological estimation of the age of the tumor - which grew out of my right kidney straight towards my liver and was removed with about two millimeter of space between the tumor and my liver - was approximately three years.

So, make your own assumption please. In the mean time, I also survived a very serious case of thrombosis of the large hip-thigh vein on my right leg, which I am still fighting with.

Have you helped train or advice any well-known bodybuilders?

I get calls at my home from all over the world and all kinds of very well known top pros. At the FIBO, they are all friendly but try to keep a certain distance from me. Behind closed doors, some would kiss my feet, literally. But, no one would like to be seen with me. The only guy who ever was really nice to me in public, at the FIBO in Essen, was Flex Wheeler. When he saw me standing in front of him, he pulled over a second chair and I was sitting at the booth of his sponsor with him. I'll never forget this.

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